• XLpro Machine Guiding Instrument


    XLpro is machine guiding instrument that covers of use of all types excavator booms and buckets.

    The core unit consist of XLpro 360 software, fully wireless sensors and Android based operating system with rugged 8" touch display.


    Due to wireless sensors and laser receiver coupled with 1D numerical and 2D graphic display the use is very easy.


    XLpro is high quality operator guiding measuring system designed and manufactured in Finland. It speeds operator work in environments requiring high accuracy.


    The installation of XLpro machine guiding system is very quick thanks to wireless sensors.


    On XLpro machine guiding system you can program any language and name and store job projects according to different job profiles.

  • Features

    • Depth measuring
    • Height measuring
    • Slopes +/- (sensor and in laser use)
    • Distance
    • Dig profiling
    • Power line proximity alarm
    • Relocating machine
    • Laser receiver
    • Transferring level point
    • Dig lights on display (arrows)
    • Adjustment of alarm levels
    • Adjustable level alarms
    • Language selection
    • Stored job profiles
    • 8" rugged touch display
    • Calibration settings
    • Zeroing to reference level
    • Zeroing to bottom of dig level
    • Zeroing to slope when slope selected


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